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I describe myself as a "serious, amateur" photographer because I don't engage in photography to really make a living.  However, I'm serious enough about my passion of taking photos of beauty of all kinds that I'm willing to spend the money to purchase the equipment that will let me take photographs that will please me.

Having started in single-lens reflex film cameras way back in the '60's, and after seeing the serious limitations of point-and-shoot digital cameras, I got back into SLR's in 2007 with the purchase of a Nikon D300 with an 18-200 mm zoom lens.  Along the way, my loving wife allowed me to purchase a Nikon D700 camera and additional lenses.

With some problems with the Nikon D700 camera in warm temperatures (around 80 degrees and above), she then bought me the Nikon D810 camera so that I would have a camera that doesn't quit auto-focusing and giving me really dark, nearly black images in summer temperatures.

I am not a "technical" photographer, preferring to set my cameras into "Program" mode, thus making them very expensive "point-and-shoot" cameras.  I do this so that I can spend more time composing photos that I want to take rather than adjusting the camera so much.  Also, I like to share as many photos as I can with others, letting them see all that I have seen, not just some photos that I would prefer that they see.

With that in mind, I'm shocked by the number of image views that have been done here at my Smugmug site.  I sincerely hope that what I have seen and photographed also pleases you.

Thanks for viewing.